I look like my mother

I look like my mother. and Jessica took this photo.

I have been looking my children in the eyes lately. And it’s wonderful.

(Jessica took this photo – and tonight on our way home from dinner at our friends’ house while the car was quiet – like a mouse she speaks up and says “When I grow up I’m gonna be a teacher!” and thats when it hit me all over again … My God, she’s one of a kind. And she’s mine. And I’m aware that you all feel something like this for your own kid, and thats awesome – you should – but Jessica, she’s like a secret waiting to scream and a star on the verge of shooting through the night sky. She’s beautiful. Beautifully carefree and full of dreams. Of teaching. I cannot wait to see what she does.)

One thought on “I look like my mother

  1. I forgot to say thank you for my packing list. I was either lazy and forgetful and rude OR I was so enthralled with the new list and adapting it for me and Paul that I completely forgot (still rude). SO THANK YOU. You know me too well.

    Sorry this comment doesn’t have anything to do with your post because it’s a good one (your post that is). Not having children yet, I haven’t quite had that feeling and wouldn’t have anything helpful to write. I’ll come back and comment when I do. šŸ™‚

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