update on number 93

I’ve been working on this for a while now and here’s what’s going on.

Folks, after 8 or so weeks of seeing an acupuncturist once a week (give or take a week) as well as going to the chiropractor – among my M.D. doctor professionals for blood work and their expectations for me to lay over dead for them … ehum, I have seen results. It has taken LOTS of hard work but the past 3 mornings my blood sugar has been under control.

A fasting blood sugar should be below 100. I haven’t seen a number below a hundred in almost 20 months. Every once in awhile there would be one and I’d think, OK! This is good, we’re good. I’m all better. Now – someone make me pancakes for breakfast!

Not a good idea. And this is where I’m going to just tell you, and you can squawk at me in your head and do whatever it is you need to, but don’t send me email about it – I do not want your advice on this.

I cannot eat a darn thing that turns into sugar. No carbs whatsoever. I can eat vegetables and protein. And I’ve been doing that, VERY strictly, for the past week or so and have finally seen results that the nutritionist and diabetic counselors never could get out of me. Why? Because their plan wasn’t working. Their way of doing things right was not right for me, so I stopped and looked for answers.

Happens to be that I found them – and cry and scream and tell me how unhealthy this is, really – I dare you – because for the first time since someone mentioned to me that I had gestational diabetes I actually believe them when they say it’s not permanent.

Suck it.

No, I’m not dropping massive amounts of pounds from my hips, butt or stomach. Contrary to popular belief, this just happens not to be a side effect I’ve had yet – and I’m weeks into this. I’m one week into this being strict and very disciplined about it, but I’ve been eating a version of this lifestyle for about 6 weeks. The scale doesn’t lie. Would I like this side effect? Why yes, I do have a vagina! I think I would LOVE to finally lose some baby weight – but one thing at a time. I’m learning patience.

Also, the only blood sugar level of mine (through out the entire day) that was too high was the fasting blood sugar – and if I measured my blood sugar after a nap – it would be sky high. So, yes, carbs aren’t doing anything healthy for my body right now – but something else was going on. We found that I have a virus in my pancreas (taking stuff for) and that my liver was all wonka-do. My digestion is off some how, I don’t even pretend to understand most of this stuff – but basically … something underneath all of this “PRE DIABETIC!!! YOU HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!” crap is wrong and the side effect happens to be that my blood sugars are off.

If I didn’t change a darn thing would I be at risk for Type-2 diabetes? Yes I would. Will I have to eat like this forever? No, I won’t. But I’ll never be able to eat like I was. Indulgence is one thing – health is entirely another story.

Happy dance! Looks like hard work is paying off. Not a piece of Halloween candy passed my lips. Not one. And I eat an awful lot of carrots.


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  1. Good for you, lady. I SHOULD follow in those footsteps but it would probably take a similar kind of scare to get me to stop with pasta and chocolate. hmmmm… well, oh well. I’ll support you wholeheartedly with your endeavors, though! YAY!!!! JODI’S BLOOD SUGAR!!!

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