Christmas lists

It’s begun! The quest for the gifts.

I’ve put together a little something for the husbands of the world … please do yourselves a favor and just listen. Jewelry.

Thank you.

Pearl Bloom
Pocket watch movement pendant
Gold Leaf
Sweet Bird
Perfect circle
Bow tie
Raspberry leaf

I had ‘my color’s’ done this past Mothers Day and found out that gold is actually better suited to my coloring that is silver, which is all I own. So ever since then I’ve been looking for gold necklaces or bracelets that would go with this or that … and I’m not a huge jewelry wearer … normally it’s my wedding ring and that’s all you get, but I like the occasional necklace. On Aaron and I’s second anniversary I bought him a mattress and he took me to a jeweler and said – you have this much to spend … what would you like?

OH MY GOSH. I already knew he was it, but this kind of confirmed it. I mean, really? DREAMY, much?!?!?!!!!???!

(That was the 2nd anniversary of dating, by the way. We dated for 3 years before the “I Do’s” were said … and the mattress??? He was sleeping on the floor and we knew where “we” were headed, so the mattress was a purchase of necessity.)

Moving on.

What are some of the Christmas buys you’re hoping to see under your tree this year? I’m also pining away for some more new plates or these wonderful ideas but mostly some kind of hand written or hand made gift from my kids.

I used to hate when my mom said all she wanted for Christmas was us to love her, but I get it now. If all I had under the tree was a handmade ornament from Jessica and Oliver – that would be more valuable than diamonds or gold, in my book.

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