Planning ahead

Some day our current living room will be more than a conglomerate of random chairs and primary colored toys in baskets on the floor.

I know!

When that day arrives and our bank account can pull it off, this is what I’m planning on looking at and sitting on:


This is my dream couch which can loosely be translated into “Dream On Couch” because of the price tag … but no fear!! Overstock is here!


And Overstock has options and more options and then some more options that won’t break the bank.

After the couch has arrived, I envision resting my comfy little barking dogs on this ottoman


Or this one – I love the pop of red!


We already have these current chairs:

Living room, main floor

We’ll use one of the brown ones for sure in the future living room (minus the red pillows), probably put the other in our bedroom and then either use the leafy/earthy one on the left in the living room upstairs or move it to the basement. That there photo is of the current living room, although laid out different these days … those are the bones. The color on the wall will change and behind the leafy chair we’ll be our future dining area:

Living room, main floor

Which of course means we’ll need these:


And probably these or these for the kids, although I’m hoping for one side of the dining table to be a bench … I just haven’t found one that I love yet.

Rug? Yes.

We live nice and close to a carpet dealer so I’ll just save over 70% from a fancy-nancy rug and have them bind the edges of some carpet to make a rug for the floor. Something neutral, but textured most likely.

Also? Those windows … those terrible windows that need replacing? Will ONE DAY be french doors to the outside and you’ll be able to walk onto a lovely deck.


Which of course means that one day my kitchen will be double the size, gutted and redone as well.

I love dreaming. And I love my house.

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