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This past week I’ve been working on turning an ugly old, huge frame into a magnetic chalkboard for my kitchen hutch.

Repurposed old frame to make a chalk board for the kitchen

I don’t have a before photo, I was too busy changing it to stop and take a photo of the ugly. But it was a gold frame that I spray painted this burnt orange, only one coat. I liked how the gold came through and it was rustic looking, which I love.

Repurposed old frame to make a chalk board for the kitchen

The magnet paint didn’t work very well, I followed the directions of 3 coats and then waited the alloted time to apply the chalk board paint, which I followed it’s directions to the T as well, I haven’t tried using any chalk on it yet but I’m assuming that it’ll work. I can try the magnet application all over on the other side of the board I used … or I can forgoe that idea entirely and go for a cork board. Or just stick with the chalk board.

I think I’m leaning towards trying for the magnet side of things, it’s much easier for me to quick slap something on this thing with a magnet than it will be for me to take the time and write something down.

We’ll see. What’s your vote?

Repurposed old frame to make a chalk board for the kitchen

Part of my life list is to make 1,000 lovely things, this counts šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Something lovely

  1. Color does look good! I vote to go with the magnet still because, you are right, you’ll slap stuff up there much more often. We always tend to have issues with magnetic paint so we’ve stopped specifying it and are having our contractors paint the chalkboard/dry erase/or regular paint on a metal sheet (whether its for a wall or an inset). I doubt you have a large piece of metal laying around so that would just add cost but I can guarantee it works :)!

  2. Apparently my mom just saw something on TV about the magnetic paint – it takes up to 3 weeks to cure … so I’ll give it that much time and then I’ll decide what to do with it. Our other option was to just get some sheet metal cut to size and put that in there all by itself, which I still might do that if we can’t get the magnet’s to work on it as it is now. I don’t really feel like painting all over! haha.

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