Making lovely things and trying new stuff

Try 1,000 new things (making crab rangoons at home) Life List

I’ve gotten into the Holiday spirit, if you will, which means I am living in my pajama’s covered with flour and batter and can’t stop baking, cooking and preparing my house for something – anything.

We tried Crab Rangoon’s – Jessica’s FAVORITE thing to eat in the whole entire world. They were magical and so much fun to make. We’re making more tonight, in fact. It’s fun!

Then we tried making ice cream in a bag … and it worked.

Make 1,000 lovely things (life list)

And to come full circle in my madness, we also made some home made egg noodles and folks … I tried one. They were truely lovely.

Home made egg noodles (life list)

Also made some rolls for lunches for the bread eaters of the house …

Make 1,000 lovely things (life list)

and a pie because I felt like it.

Home made pie

I love to be in the kitchen, really really love to be in the kitchen – but not making pb and j’s or even your every day spaghetti … I like to try new things, bake with abandonment and make a feast for anyone who’s hungry.

So, who’s hungry?

2 thoughts on “Making lovely things and trying new stuff

  1. Me too! I love baking and all that good stuff. What I HATE is washing up afterward! I keep telling Chad to invent a “self-cleaning” kitchen for me, and then we’d be set for life!

  2. haha, so funny! I bet a self cleaning kitchen would make bank. Or we could just hire a maid. In some countries – they’re standard. Some times I wish I lived in those countries – haha šŸ™‚

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