Why hello, my love


Some times you get me. Like, really get me and we go out on the town and you show me a wonderful time.

You take me to the carnival and build the tension on the carousel as we both try not to lean in and kiss at the top. Then you buy me cotton candy and we stroll the boardwalk while we each conveniently forget that I can’t even eat it. But I love the gesture and we’re holding hands. You end the night by surprising me with a real, old fashion drive-in movie and we sit on the hood of your parent’s car while something in black and white and completely witty plays in-front of us like a private showing of a magical life we get to taste … for just an hour.

I love it when you get me. When you spoil me and show me a new world beyond myself.

I haven’t been very enchanted with you lately because life has gotten in the way, health has gotten in the way and learning how to parent a girl and a boy has gotten in the way.

But today I’m feeling the love. And I’d like to kiss you.

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