Gearing up for things to come

Things are lining up for the new year around here and to give you something to look forward to I’ll just list a few fun things to come.

We’ll be doing a grown up make-over to Jessica’s bedroom and taking you along the ride step by step, how-to by how-to and decision by decision. I’m going to need your help.

I’ve decided that this is the year to learn carpentry and knock that off my life list so be on the lookout for similar projects that require tools and tape measures. Built-in’s, window seats … a kitchen. Just a few.

Probably going to see some pretty major painting overhauls in our house this year too. Again, your help with the colors, please. I like you guys. You’re smarter than me.

It won’t all be homey home stuff next year, I’ll be vamping up the lifestyle posts I did this summer. Giving you a more up to date, pull the bandaid off kind of look into my daily life. More photos (willing that I get a new camera asap) and, as seem to be favorites by you lovey lovelies … more vidoe’s.

We’re also contemplating a weekend edition video of the whole family cooking together. A home-video cooking show, if you will, that involves the whole family. We threw this idea out to Jessica a few weeks ago and she fuh-reaked out, she’s very excited about all this. So you can bet you’ll be seeing some Jessicaranae on Jodimichelle.

Can’t wait for the new year and all it’s possibilities.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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