I’d like you to meet Roger.

Cottage Christmaas, Zeh/Broersma/Boeve/Schaap clan

Roger is my mom’s husband. Tomorrow is their 1st wedding anniversary. They got married at the court house and then had a reception at a grill house with a tiny cake and a couple of friends. I met Roger Spring of 2007. He made my mom very happy.

Their love story is actually quite special. Roger lost his first wife to cancer and my mom lost the love her of life to cancer. I absolutely relish that now my mom has a mate who understands the loss and pain of losing someone. It’s so very different than divorce.

But there’s something you should know about Roger.

Cottage Christmas, Zeh/Broersma/Boeve/Schaap clan

He’s a glorified 13 year old boy.

With the toys and energy to boot. He does not stop. We went up north to their cottage for our Christmas celebration with my mom and I’m pretty sure if someone paid him to sit still for 5 minutes he’d rather just not play that game. If he’s not snow-blowing or cleaning windows, he’s planning an activity or dreaming about his pole-barn. He’s always fixing something and loves to have a reason to say hi to the neighbors.

Although he does enjoy watching the squirrels with Oliver.

Cottage Christmas, Zeh/Broersma/Boeve/Schaap clan

He and Oliver, they’re like this. (Picture me pinching my fingers together)

He’s also very telltale teenager in the fact that he likes to fart. Oh yes, I did just say that. But that just means we get along šŸ™‚ Oh yea, and he can’t stop touching my mom.

The Parents

The Parents

The Parents

Happy Anniversary, you two! Now get a room.

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