To Save and Be Saved

Hey hey! Happy 2010!

I’m very excited about this new year and I’ve dubbed a personal motto for it:

“To Save and Be Saved”

Which means exactly what it says. This is the year I save myself from health issues, save money, relish full life and say yes way more.

Usual resolutions for me are silly. One year my resolution was to do be more adventurous, I made that happen by doing what signs told me to do. At a restaurant if a sign suggested I try a special or featured item then I did. If asked by a gas station clerk if I wanted a lotto ticket, I said yes. I just opened up my mind to things outside of my current situation and had lots of fun trying and learning new things.

This year I plan to tackle some pretty big life list items, some of them will be spent planning all year so that in 2011 we can actually do them. The best thing about making that list was realizing how much bigger I dream once I complete one or two things off that list. And also realizing how probable it really is to accomplish them.

I have 100 things on that list and I’m more than certain that in my lifetime I’ll do 100 more. Maybe thousands.

First up? Number 30. Watching Jessica meet Ariel in person at Disney World. We leave in one week.

Second? Number 10. Lose 30 pounds. Which coincides with Number 93, Getting my blood sugar issues under control once and for all. Which will then, so nicely, coincide with Number 101. Fit into my wedding dress again and jump into a lake and have a food fight. This spring is looking fantastic. I have 10 pounds left to lose and all the hope in the world that #93 is on it’s way under my belt.

Third? Number 8, 23 and 47. Let’s do some hobbies and make some memories.

Get ready for the ride, you’re all invited.

3 thoughts on “To Save and Be Saved

  1. Thanks Meghan, that’s quite the compliment.

    Now get back here so we can make paper flowers together and drink wine while we’re doing it. šŸ™‚

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