Power to the people

The general consensus seems to be to keep the brick as is and paint the knotty pine. You probably don’t remember but I’ve done that already in this house. We have plenty of knotty pine to go around.

Our basement happens to be triple maybe quadruple the size of the mudroom and painting all those walls with grooves makes me kind of want to pull my hair out and consider the job done. So maybe instead of painting it we can just dry-wall it, paint that and call it a day??

This is such a good idea. I’m pre-patting myself on the back with congratulations for the genius I encounter within my mind on a daily basis. I know, I know. I’m amazing.

Only. That’s a complete and utter lie. Apparently dry-walling is a bit of a science. I asked 3 different men this morning who all work or have worked in construction and they all said the same thing. I don’t know how to do it, I haven’t done it before or … hanging it isn’t the problem, it’s the taping/mudding/sanding/repeating that makes it hard work.

Right, so. I’m up for a challenge right? Or, I could stop while I’m ahead and just paint the stupid knotty pine.

Well then … which color?

Color choices

Color choices

Color choices

Color choices

I’m open to all suggestions, even the ones I’m not laying out here before you.

Thank you!

And goodnight.

9 thoughts on “Power to the people

  1. Here’s my take, for what it’s worth!

    When we finished of our basement in the condo we did 95% of the work ourselves. We put up knotty pine in one room and drywalled the rest. Drywalling sucks! I love the look of drywall more than the knotty pine but it was a hellov’ a lot more work! Like that guy told you, hanging it isn’t the major problem (although you’ll definitely need someone to help you and you’ll need a screw-gun). The mudding and tapping part is what sucks. We hired that part out because I didn’t want to deal with the mess or the risk of screwing up the seams. So, if you’re thinking of doing drywall I would suggest hiring the mudding and taping part out. We have a few contacts I could pass along to you if you’re interested!

    Good luck!

  2. Drywalling is an art, but it isn’t all that horrible. You could also drywall over the fireplace brick if you wanted. It isn’t all that expensive to have it done, either…lots faster and cleaner than if you did it.

  3. I think dry walling the huge amount of notty pine you have would be a MUCH larger (and more expensive) task than just painting it! Drywalling sucks if you don’t know what you’re doing – especially corners!

    Paint it…it will look cottage-y and fun! I like the very first color: Ground Ginger!

  4. Thanks for the feedback!! I think we’re going with just painting the knotty pine. Too much of a hassle to overhaul the entire room when we don’t need to. Also, less money and I’m the labor, so I’d rather not get in over my head.

    Jim, I like the idea of drywalling the fireplace in, maybe that’ll be a phase 2 project, then we can have a clean slate and a mantle … hang our tv by the fireplace. Sounds great!

    So the only vote is for the Ground ginger color … any one else care to weigh in on that one? Otherwise Meghan gets all the power šŸ™‚

  5. ok then. i’ll drywall with you. i know it’s a science, and i’ve heard the same thing about the taping/muding etc. but come on now, you never know unless you try. and i want to finish our basement sometime in this decade. we’ll take a class, and then we’ll just start doing it. you never know unless you try. and i’ll drywall w/you–we can do anythign we set our minds to šŸ™‚

  6. My input – I like the stone on the fireplace, personally. Has kind of a retro feel. I totally cracked up with the color “sensible hue.” DO NOT go with that one. Much too sensible. Hmmmm… kinda like…starbright, castle stone and creme brulee… although the last may…just may… have something (wholly) to do with name… just sayin’…

  7. Tracy, I love you but do not want to drywall my basement while learning how. Lets build a couple houses with Habitat before we tackle my basement! Or we can just tackle yours šŸ™‚ I do want to take classes though!!

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