6 thoughts on “Let’s get it started in heeeeerrreee!

  1. Love her artistic video sweep over the food at the end of the video! She’s a pro. And good for you on finding food that fits with you!

  2. Glad you are eating well. Thanks for making me feel shitty after just eating chicken parm with garlic bread. Great. No veggies. I officially should check into the “you’re fat and really unhealthy” farm. Tomorrow… maybe I’ll want to be better tomorrow…

  3. Oh, and nice to meet you, Debby. I’ll have to introduce you to my double chin – I call her Sal. She was supposed to have left after the holidays, but I can’t seem to get that bitch to go. Relatives…

  4. I love Jessica’s quiet “uh hu” right around the time you show the carrots…as if she’s responding to you. So cute! She did a nice job with the filming!

    Hello Debby – you’re dashing!

  5. Shana, you crack me up! OMG Garlic Bread. I’ll do another video of me longingly watching my kids eat snacks and bread while I nosh on carrots … again. I’ve had to ask Aaron to literally hide things from me because it’s so hard for me not to open my mouth and be all “GET IN MY BELLY!!”

    Maybe it’ll get easier. Maybe.

    And you are not fat or unhealthy. Stop naming yourself like that. You’re gorgeous. And worth it. And a total babe. You rock.

  6. Stacey! I just saw a contest for Orlando vacations from a kids’ point of view or something. Yea, I’m totally going to give Jessica the camera and let her win that one 🙂

    Thanks Meghan, haha.

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