Disney WORLD!

We are headed to Disney this coming week and have known about this vacation for about 2 years – we told Jessica on her 3rd birthday that if Grandpa and Grandma-Great were still going to Florida during the winter when she turned 5 that we’d take her Disney.

The girl has not shut up about this since we mentioned it. Parenting 101 – do not mention life changing experiences to a child who can remember such things were ever thought of.

So – ok, we’ve known that this vacation was a possibility for a couple of years but did nothing to plan for it until about 3 months ago. Oh! She’s going to be FIVE!! We have to take her DISNEY! Maybe I should call a travel agent? No no, I can look online. BLAH! OVERWHELMING!

Any way – I got over it and finally purchased plane tickets. Then last night I finally reserved a hotel for our time away and also made a game plan for when we’re down there. A list, if you will, of the things we can to do and how much they’re going to be so that if we have to pick and choose once we’re there we’ll know our options.

Here’s the rundown:

We’ve been saving for this trip and have a total of $2,500 alloted for everything, travel, food, lodging and fun.

$700 of that is traveling, $300 of it is hotel stay and a potential $580 is fun (from my list) which is this:

$226 for Disney for 3 people, one day
$216 Sea World (2 days possible but a one day ticket)
$50 Gatorland for the family (Oliver is free every where we go)
$86 Arabian Nights – dinner theatre.

I’m torn on whether or not I should be buying this pass for our kids to eat free while we’re there – thinking we’ll eat out at least once a day, sometimes twice. We’ll have breakfast at the hotel every morning, it’s free, and then eat out for lunch or dinner, or both. The room we have doesn’t have a kitchenette but I’m going to see if they have available that do when we get there and see about making that work. Then we’ll only be eating out once a day, if we can help it.

First, I don’t know if Oliver will cost anything to eat most of the time or not because of his age. So do we buy two passes or just one? And what if the restaurants that are participating in the Kids Eat Free Program just don’t sound appetizing to us, are run down, closed or unavailable?

I think I’ll make that decision once we get there. But do give me your opinion on that one, I need help deciding.

We’re thinking of giving Jessica $50 spending money so she can buy whatever she wants as a souvenir but we know that she’ll spend it on candy and stupid ornaments and then not have any buying power once we actually make it to Disney for her birthday. She’s (almost) 5 and just this morning asked me what a budget meant, so I know she’d appreciate the trust and freedom … but we might be setting ourselves up for major meltdown when her money is gone and she hasn’t spent it on mickey ears yet or the ice cream she REALLY has to have.

Now – your turn, what should NOT MISS while we’re there?? Any great budgeting ideas when traveling with kids to amusement parks? We borrowed a stroller so we can bring a couple things with us into the park on her birthday – and I plan to have an arsenal of snacks and drinks so we’re not buying our way through the day on food.


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  1. Blue Spring State Park if you don’t mind venturing outside of Orlando a bit. It’s a state park, so only $6 to get in for the day. It’s a place where manatee’s migrate to in the winter…perfect to see them now, especially since it’s been cold in Florida. Unless you are happy with Sea World, where you are guaranteed to see them…it’s sort of a gamble out in nature. Still, it’s cheap, and there hiking and lots of other things to explore there. Just an idea…:)

  2. Thanks Kelly, I checked it out – this park wouldn’t be too out of the way for us. We might try to get there yet.

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