Well that didn’t go as planned.

I should be sitting in an airport right now blogging about our exceptional skills as parents to wrangle our kids through security with such ease. And then I’d gaggle under my breath from the sheer lie.

But no, I’m home, in my kitchen … updating you on the first leg of our travel to Disney. Or, well, lack of travel.

We’re on our way to the airport this morning when my phone rings with a number I don’t recognize but I answer any way thinking this is a repeat call from yesterday that I let go to voicemail – it was my plan to tell them to stop calling me with their 1-800 numbers, that I wasn’t interested in whatever they were selling.

Instead I hear “This is American Airlines calling to tell you that your flight (sequences of letters and numbers) has been cancelled.”

The end.


I’m a pilots kid, this has never happened to me. Not because I’m a pilots kid, but almost everything else has happened to me when air travel is the way to go and this, this has not. What do I do?

There’s an option at the end of the call to speak to an agent, so I go that route hoping something is going to work or someone can tell me what’s really going on.

Ah the travel agent. She was very nice actually. It took about 30 minutes to figure everything out but we did get on another plan for later this afternoon and they’re giving us travel vouchers for a future trip. Nice. Bonus. They originally only had openings on a flight that left tomorrow but then checked again, some more and checked one last time and found a couple seats open on a flight later this after noon.

We’ll take it!

And we did.

And now we’re home, waiting it out, trying to explain this all to Jessica without breaking her heart. Oliver … is sleeping so … he’s awesome.

I think in the mean time I’ll be taking Jessica to Crazy Bounce to get rid of some the energy that has built up getting ready for the trip today. We’ll be sitting a lot later, so jumping just seems appropriate right now.

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