New leaf

Now for the happy stuff. Lets get on the other side of the drama and focus on the silver lining.

# We were able to all sit together on both planes. Jessica did extremely well, loved flying.

# No one in our family puked.

# We got a free upgrade in our hotel stay on arrival just by asking!! We now have a Kidsuite room and they love it, so do we.

# Rented a car with ease this morning and even saved money.

# Our hotel apparently loves serving it’s patrons – we’ve had wonderful reception and easy help from the front desk – they really are all about serving us and helping us find good deals.

# We have a room with a kitchenette so we’ll be able to save money on food by grocery shopping. Hopefully we’ll do that after naps today.

# Although it’s cold – it’s nice that it’s starting cold and then warming up for us. It would be a bummer to come to warm only to have it last for a day and then get frigid and rainy.

# There’s warm water and a bathtub.

# My mom knows how to text.

# So does my dad, and he’s a pilot and it was wonderful to have him as an ally on the otherwise for us, letting us know what to expect and what questions to ask.

# We’re in the midst of Palm Trees.

# We’re on vacation!

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