Thoughts on Disney


Here’s what I’ve decided about Florida and Disney World so far.

We’re not “touristy” vacation kind of people. If we ever do come back we’ll be spending the money to stay inside the resort and staying for a much shorter period of time.

Coming to Florida and having 4 days before actually going to Disney was a little too much buffer time. And there’s about 24 hours we’re forgetting ever happened.

Driving here would have been a better travel decision. But now we know.

For future family vacations I’ll be employing the help of a travel agent unless another family is traveling with us.

The next vacation I take will not include my children. Love them dearly. But, no. Unless we’re camping.

Aside from that – we’re here and making the most of it. We did Disney yesterday for Jessica’s fifth birthday and it was a total hit. She only “met” Ariel and Jasmine but saw Cinderella, Prince Eric, and Bell in the parades.

There would be photos here but the internet connection isn’t conducive to uploading them.

My favorite part about yesterday is having Jessica wake up early to announce that she’s “FIVE!!” only to follow it with, “But I don’t feel five yet”.

This morning she felt more five than yesterday, though. So we’re making progress.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Disney

  1. Tell her to get used to it. I don’t really “feel” 29 but I’m halfway. And I totally get your sentiments on vacations without kids. I already know that I’ll be leaving our sweeties with grandma while we go away. And I don’t say that lightly because I know it will be hard and I’ll miss them but let’s just say I think it will be worth it! Have fun with the rest of your trip!

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