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This will be a smattering of incidental information that I can’t wait to share with you. Ready? Go.

Favorite new site to drool over and inspire dreams:
Knock Off Wood, check out the ‘Plans’ section of the site … this is making me want to learn carpentry more and more. I can’t wait!

When I made my Life List I specifically didn’t put boundaries on #58 … contribute to one of my favorite websites. Partly because I wanted it to be open to any of them (Dooce, Mighty Girl, Young House Love, Mighty Goods, Momversation to name a few) but also because I didn’t want to be a leach on a link. Like if I put it out there and they saw it they’d help me out by letting me do it. I don’t want to be helped in this area. I want it to really happen. Because I have some kind of value to bring. Because they, any of them, noticed that I COULD contribute to their sites.

I know this is kind of lofty dreaming. Being noticed by these bloggers just because is kind of like asking a blind pet to see, just this once. Bla Bla, heart feelings, bla. Ok. So. I don’t think this actually counts but it makes my heart beat faster … Mighty Girl linked to my Life List in a post of a plethora of links to other blogger’s and their lists. I’m in great company and feel pretty special regardless of whether or not I should. So check it out. Click on a bunch of links and dream along with all these wonderful people.

Tea Towels, simply lovely.

How to have a swap is an AWESOME idea. One in which a blogger friend gets all the credit for posting the link and making me drool.

I was clicking on links the other day and came across Inexpensively which led me to Gazelle … I am very intrigued about this site as we have quite a few electronics laying around and from it sounds like, it’s pretty easy to unload them on Gazelle and make a little extra cash. Bonus.

Also, any one know of a menu-planning swap or co-op complete with recipes and grocery lists to accompany them? Does something like this already exist? I love to do it, but it takes so much time and getting into the groove of making that time is just hard. I’d benefit profoundly if something like this was already out there, if it’s not … it will be soon. Would you find this helpful?

6 thoughts on “Elsewhere and links and ideas

  1. I spent HOURS on Knock Off Wood today. I mean HOURS. When Paul gets home, we are going and buying a pneumatic nail gun and we are building like twenty things. I can’t wait. Plus I just want a nail gun. I mean, every girl needs a nail gun right?

  2. I know! There was one for FREE with the whole day after Thanksgiving shopping, but I didn’t go out to get it and am kicking myself. Let me know which one you buy and if you like it. I’ll be looking for them shortly. šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Jodi,
    I love your blog and your life list! I was hoping you would want to write a guest blog on our site, My Life List, the premiere social network for goal achievers. Please email me if you ever feel like sharing your inspiration with our members.
    Keep up your life list, you’re doing great!

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