I’ll admit it

We’re home again and it feels great. We’ve been through most of our mail, gotten some laundry going and even made a stop to our favorite local coffee shop, JP’s Coffee.

Now here’s where I admit that I never, ever, ever would have thought that I would be so opinionated about coffee. Or have a favorite place. Ever. JP’s has been around forever in our small town and my first memory of it is from middle school – I made plans to meet some of my friends downtown, something I had never done before, and the meeting spot was JP’s.

Problem starts here: I had to ask where JP’s was and when that happened, my opinion of this coffee shop was forever changed. My friends responded with “You mean you don’t know where JP’s is? Everyone knows where JP’s is.”

Uh huh.

It’s a fact that I don’t like being told what I should or shouldn’t know, and I’ve gotten a bit better about this since then. However, just picture me … 12 and meeting some gal pals to do who knows what downtown and our meeting place is a coffee shop. Then mix in there the attitude adjustment I obviously needed in order to actually meet them at this stupid coffee shop that EVERYONE knew about … but me.

Chip on shoulder much? Yes. Yes I used to have plenty of those, I’ll cop to that readily.

I stayed away from this coffee shop for years after that. I didn’t want to run into people from school, I wanted nothing to do with the coffee shop scene, or … really, I wanted nothing to do with the JP’s scene.

Then I meet and later marry Aaron. He lives at this coffee shop. In fact he has a tab there. So, I put my feelings aside, slowly at first, and then aggressively when I started trying different drinks.

Now? There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t drop in at least 3 times. We’re there every Saturday morning with our kids. I love their coffee. More specifically I love their soy lattes because I can actually drink them.

Then we go away for a week to a town that has a couple Starbucks scattered around and some Dunkin’ Donuts to add variety. Yuck.

I had no idea I cared so much. But I do. And it only took 14 years, but at last I will readily admit that I’m a JP’s Junkie. And, finally, I know about it.

3 thoughts on “I’ll admit it

  1. ok. so here it is from someone who did not grow up around the Holland scene. When I smell JP’s, I smell my first job after college & lattes and conversation, married life and running into old friends. I am so glad someone else shares my affinity for that place and I can’t wait to someday take my little tikes for hot chocolates and scones on weekday mornings!

  2. I loved this Bekah! How a smell can bring back such great memories and make you long to make great ones in the future 🙂

  3. one of my favorite quotes is…”Smell is the handmaiden of memories.” The previous comments brought this to my mind. :-0

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