Get your Gleek on

All this Vitamin D and the latte full of caffeine I just inhaled have me on cloud nine right now. Well, that and the fact that I’m planning a conference/retreat for bloggers this coming spring with Stacey which has me so totally excited.

I get fired up easily. A quick-start, if you will. And I married one, too.

How’s that going by the way? I’ve talked about this before … our 2009 was a woozey to say the least. One which I might talk about more in depth in a different post later but the trip to Florida, well, we’re going to forget that a good half of that trip ever happened. And then we’re going to talk about it in counseling.

But enough of that – GLEEK RETREAT is coming your way! Creating space so you can create the content. Let’s grow together.

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