Midday Etsy: Couldn’t live without it

Searching through etsy today I’m finding things that I could probably live without … but should I?

Echino Fabric Storage Basket
Book file, birch trees
Chandelier Oh yes, I do love this. Actually went to a local restore last week looking for something like this that I could repaint and replace for a couple of the bedrooms in the house. Oh the ideas!
Oh you bet we need another chair
Tea Dress
Allison Wonderland I don’t know why I like this or want it – but it makes me feel all Light and Special inside. That’s reason enough for me.
Wall decal Ok, this settles it, we’re dry walling that stupid basement. I think.
Marshmallow sampler There are so many reason why I can live without this but only one why I can’t. OH MY WORD, IT’S A MARSHMALLOW SAMPLER. Obvious. (Pancreas, kindly take a walk)

3 thoughts on “Midday Etsy: Couldn’t live without it

  1. This is why we are friends.

    Chandelier = fabulous. I mean fabulous.

    And the chair!? I am truly madly deeply (please appreciate my Savage Garden reference here) in love with mid-century danish style furniture. I am obsessed. I want a rocking chair just like this. If you find one somewhere up there at a garage sale or something you better hop on it for me in a heartbeat. LOVE IT.

    And I love that you just told a body part to take a walk. HAHAHAHA.

  2. I love Allison Wonderland too. There’s something about really poofy dresses that just sucks me in! Btw…I was thinking that Jessica needs a tu-tu to run around in. I can totally picture it…paired with a funky t-shirt and jean jacket ; )

  3. I am pretty darn sure that THE best thing about this website is the smile I get on my face when you people leave comments.

    I am now deep in the search for the cocktail dress that will be used for a lifelist item in New York. Soonish. I think. wink wink

    Christa – you bet I’ll buy that rocking chair if I see it. I am officially on the look out. And the chandelier? I KNOW! Right? I think I’m going to go back to the restore to buy the one I saw … hopefully it’s still there. I was going to spray paint it white (boring) but now I think i’m going bolder. It’ll be for Jessica’s room, so maybe hot pink. Maybe Orange or an electric green.

    And Meghan – there will be a day when I post something about fashion on this site and site you for every single idea because you are awesome. I was just thinking today that people must think we’re raggamuffins when we go out – my kids’ coats are dirty (and not a little bit) my son always has food on his face and in his hair and my girls hair is almost never done … looks like a mop. But then I wonder if they see the Venti sized coffee in my hand, watch me wrestle my children in and out of the van and chase them through the store – I bet they understand then.


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