Wear more dresses

We’ll get back to the nitty-gritty of my over dramatic emotional life here soon. But in the mean time, lets be specific.

I don’t own a pair of heels. Wait. I have a pair of boots with a heel – but no actual high heel shoe. I would like to figure out how to pull that off, as well as wearing more dresses this year.

We can start with this one. Paired with these.

This dress makes me want to grab a clutch purse, pop on a sleek black heel and run out the door to meet a gaggle of girls for wine.

Or maybe we can just throw this one on, pack a bag and run out the door (wearing flats, duh) to a spontaneous beach picnic.

Could this little frock be what what I’m looking for (#96)?

Oh, I love this color and it screams Church Picnic to me. Maybe with a belt? And a sandal … with a wedge?

And all this from browsing just one website. Imagine what more I could find when I’m actually looking for it.

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