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My head is kind of exploding right now, with wonderful things. There’s so much going on over here behind the scenes. Most of it having to do with planning the Gleek Retreat for May 22-23, 2010. The site is on it’s way but until then, you can follow the progress and learn about some of the stuff we’re planning on twitter.

I’m also keeping y’all updated on facebook with some behind the scenes details and announcing things as they happen. (Plus giveaways at a whims notice, all because I like you.)

If you want more of anything, those are great places to start. There’s always me on twitter as well, but beware I some times apologize to my Grandma before I say something because I know she checks up on me (Hi Grandma!).

Now. The exciting part of all of this is that I think I found what I love. I love creating and meeting. Done deal. I love to write – but I love to see the faces of the people who read it and that’s not an ego thing, I just love to interact. I guess writing for me is my “art” so when people read it, have an emotion or a laugh or a reaction … I want to gage it, I want to be there, I want to absorb it. Problem is, I get zero faces from the web.

So I’m going to change that. Who’s with me?

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