If I had a million dollars

I’d buy up real estate and store it away like a doll collection, waiting for the right time to show off each and every beautiful little detail on their dresses.

There are beautiful homes for sale in Michigan for ridiculously good prices.

This one for only $11,000. No, I didn’t forget a zero. I can’t vouch for the location of this home – but it is gorgeous. 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. I love the craftsman style and the color.

5 thoughts on “If I had a million dollars

  1. I love it! There’s a house on South Shore (not the cottage we stayed at…that one was a bit expensive for our pocketbook) but closer to Jackie’s that was a craftsman and was totally affordable too! I’ve definitely made some jokes about Bill and Di investing in a guest house and made a wise crack about how we would visit more if we had our own house to crash at. Oh, I’m a dreamer. Every time we are there I am shocked at the amount of real estate that’s available there right now.

  2. I wonder where this house is! I LOVE it. One day we should drive around Holland and take pictures of all the fun craftsman style homes we love….any takers?

  3. @Molly – YES! This spring, lets do it. Maybe I can rent the short bus and take a caravan on an adventure of photography or something šŸ™‚ SO FUN!

    @Christa – I know the house you’re talking about, someone we know was looking at it to buy last year but with all that rain the porch shifted .. so some structural stuff is going on with it, but it is ADORABLE – have you seen the photos of it online? And it’s not a bad idea AT ALL for Bill and Di to have a guest house, heck – if I have one will you come out more? šŸ™‚ haha.

    And I think the house is in Muskegon .. if you click on the link does that work for you guys – can you see the listing?

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