Party animals

We don’t have pets but my husband and I both grew up with them. We often get asked why we don’t have a dog for the kids … For The Kids. Which just kills me because that is a ridiculous statement in my book. One: The “kids” are 5 and under – they can’t even wipe their own butts and you want me to get an animal that needs tender, love and care FOR them. I would like to rub your nose in poo for suggesting this to me. Two: Having a pet does not instantly teach a child how to care for something or automatically give them responsibility.

And Three: We have chosen to have humans, not animals, live in our house. They take up enough of my time with feeding, cleaning and picking up after them. Adding another breathing soul to the mix with lots of hair makes me want to pull mine out.

Plus I think they stink and having them inside of a house kinda makes my skin crawl, if you want me to be honest. I know that I don’t clean my floors often enough to warrant all the extra hair and stink of an animal running about.

My dad, though, loves dogs. LOVES them. He has always had one and they really are a mans best friend. I get it, I enjoy visiting animals and I love watching my kids interact with them … but I still don’t want to own one. Now, my dad is an airline pilot so he’s gone an awful lot of the time and when he’s home he loves to have his trusty companion at his side.

surprise visit

This was a first though, this past week my dad came into town to visit us and brought Dotty along. Inside of my house. All the way in, all the way down, on my carpet.

After the initial shock of a hairy animal in my house that I didn’t recognize as something I would ever open my door to … it finally hit me that this was Dotty which meant my dad must have arrived. The kids were understandably beside themsevles with excitement.

surprise visit

surprise visit


surprise visit

surprise visit

surprise visit

This went on for a while but was very short lived once I got the camera out … Dotty doesn’t like the big black thing next to my eye clicking at her. I can see why.

But she’s a beautiful dog with all kinds of love to give.

surprise visit

surprise visit

surprise visit

surprise visit

And it felt a little funny having a dog in my basement on my carpet. Partly natural and party very unnatural. Jessica was a bit more timid about having an animal in her personal space where Oliver couldn’t get enough of telling Dotty to fetch and then sit and then NO! for no real reason.

But you can bet I cleaned all my floors instantly to make sure there was no lingering hair or smell. It doesn’t matter to me how clean it is, it’s still a dog … in my home. And no. Just, no.

Also, we’re almost certain Oliver is allergic to dogs and cats so putting him up close and personal with one for an extended period of time was a little un-canning to me but he survived. We all did. And we even enjoyed it a bit.

But don’t tell anyone.

5 thoughts on “Party animals

  1. I would recommend a cog like deeter. He does look sort of like a dog but he’s cleaner than a kid and sleeps most of the day like a cat. So he’s our cog.

  2. Okay, this may be a friendship dealbreaker but I have not one, but two super furry dogs and while the fur/dirt isn’t ideal – if you ever visit my home, just know there is potential for a major encounter with fur and dirt!

  3. Oh Shana! I don’t care a bit about other peoples houses. I’m not a huge dog person personally, but if other people want to have pets in their house … I’m all for it. All about preference I suppose šŸ™‚

    And Bonnie, I like your cog … he is adorable. But again, just not interested. haha.

    A cat though, I actually like cats, but Aaron will never have one in the house and with Oliver’s suspected allergies … I doubt I’ll fight for it.

  4. Dotty is SO pretty! I didn’t think I’d see the day there was a dog in your basement. How about inviting Deacon over šŸ™‚ You’ll find hair for years! ha.

  5. Dotty is very pretty isn’t she? Such a good girl too – and believe me, I was just as surprised to see a dog in my basement! haha.

    I love Deacon … at your house. No need to hunt for hair for this girl! haha.

    How are those crazy dogs of yours??

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