Come to my gingerbread candy house!

The sun is shinning and I don’t feel like a car wreck with road rash. SO! I’ve been cleaning the house and teaching Jessica how to dry dishes (and, um, yes … there will be a post about this later, but she LOVES it, helping. It’s like a lightbulb just went on in my head. Feel free to criticize.) and cleaning out closets.

I’ve found many a things I’ve boughten over the years that I never ended up using or hanging so I’m just going to give them away. First up is some art I bought from millymollymandy’s etsy shop (which is now Belle & Boo) for Jessica’s bedroom … um like 2 years ago. Yeah, I still LOVE it but we’re just not going to hang it ever and I’m sure one of you would love to have it.

Picture 1

However, I’m giving it away on the facebook page so for a chance to win it (and those chances are pretty awesome right now) you need to friend yourself. DELURK!

This is all very selfish because I want to see your face and if emptying my closets with giveaways is going to bring you out – then I will.

Cue: Cackling laughter. (or is it Que?)

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