Superbowl. Oh right.

You guys, I forgot today had anything to do with football. We’re a terrible household in this manner, we are not sport watchers nor do we own any kind of gaming consoles. We just aren’t interested. Would we be? Sure, I guess if we had a Wii we’d play it twice a year, but I don’t have the patience to store and dust that kind of thing for the rest of the year while it sits there staring at me.

We have laptops. They take enough of our time.

And later today I’ll be posting the giveaway on facebook for those of you who might be doing something other than eating wings and watching grown men in tight pants hit each other. Maybe? Are there any other people in my boat?

Until then, here’s a gem of a video of Oliver from our vacation in Florida. I’d rather watch this sport any day.

(if you’re reading this site via an RSS feed or Google Reader or something else, you won’t see the video I’m told … just click through to the site and you’ll be happy šŸ™‚ … or not, either way, happy reading!)

One thought on “Superbowl. Oh right.

  1. Love the video! He’s adorable! šŸ™‚ Oh yeah, and my family (husband included) didn’t watch the “Bowl” either. I didn’t even know who was playing until I heard the outcome yesterday on the radio! LOL! So many other things to occupy my time…professional sports just doesn’t make the priority list!

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