The little guy on your shoulder

Organize! Organize! Organize!

I feel like this is an order being thrown at me from every direction lately and it’s just not my strong suit. Would I like it to be? Oh yes, yes I would. Both of my parents are organized but I just missed something in that brain development gene apparently.

My life would run much more smoothly if I could figure out how to organize it.

We’d save thousands by being more efficient in organizing our time/house and closets. I have no doubt that I’m paying the bank rent for me to store my crap that I just never “get around to cleaning/dumping/tossing” in my house.

Schedules would be more than a mass exodus of “Do this now, maybe that later and oh yea, we forgot diapers. Again.”

It’s all part of my year To Save and Be Saved. The foundation of this is to be organized. So I’ve gone through all those piles sitting around and have started a filing system. Which has been more than helpful already as I’ve needed to reference something and known right where to go to find it (REVOLUTIONARY!).

However the process of becoming organized is so overwhelming for me that I feel like I’m in quick sand and to the point of just letting go because really? who has the upper body muscle to pull themselves out of that darn sand?



And therein lies my self motivational mind-chat that is currently taking place in my head, every single day.

2 thoughts on “The little guy on your shoulder

  1. Yup, I actually used to be very organized but then I had kids. Young kids bring a certain element of chaos into life that is really difficult even for the most organized to handle! I started my “battle” again last year, and it is just an ongoing process. You have to do it every single day – blah! – or else it will just turn back into chaos!

    Keep up the hard work! šŸ™‚

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