Free entertainment: Family style

I’m going to do a budgeting post here soon, more like an e-course that’s free and posted live on my site instead of through emails or pdf downloads – but this is all springing from our need to find Family Entertainment … for free.

Weekends are historically difficult for our pocket books but we’re taking control of that. The kids love to be home and love it when we seem to be enjoying it too. SO. Let’s do this.

Tonight instead of cramming into the car and looking for something to entertain us we’re coming up with a plan to tackle the boredom blues.

I’ve been wanting to make these FOR EVER, so lets, shall we? You’ll come along for the ride, won’t you?

And we’re going to rent The Swiss Family Robinson movie to watch while we have our very own camp out in the basement. Jessica was very excited about the tree in Disney World …



Old fashioned air-popped popcorn and a taco dinner will complete the trifecta of awesome that tonight is sure to bring.

Oh, and I’m making a treasure hunt for Jessica. At the end of it she’ll find a bucket of treasure! (read: toys I’ve found under beds and in the car that she has forgotten we have … it’ll be like Christmas, not to mention a couple of the Valentines treats she’s already forgotten are above the fridge.)


One thought on “Free entertainment: Family style

  1. Swiss Family Robinson was a no-go – video store didn’t carry it (BOO!) so we rented “Andre” instead, another classic.

    Popcorn was replaced with ice cream.

    No treasure hunt and no ‘mallows yet because we decided to take a trip to a playground to visit cousins before dinner.

    However the marshmallow heaven is coming, as is the family camp out with the Robinsons … I just have to track it down.

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