Order up; Green grass with a side of Sun please

It’s beautiful here today, snowing softly. I love living in Michigan with the weather even though we have 6 months of cold or snow … the other 6 months of the year really make up for it. I’m a rare Michigander who doesn’t mind the cold or snow actually – but as I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer and all the fun stuff that’s available to our family for free … I just can’t help but start to join the other side of the debate.

The folks who loathe this time of year. The lack of sunshine, the mess, the driving. Maybe it’s because having 2 kids keeps me inside more than it used to this time of year. Or maybe I’m just ready for something new.

Either way, I’m very excited for the gardening and walking and memory-making that is ahead of us in a few months.

July 2008 G33ks Group

Picking out flowers

8th St Tulips

Morning walk

My little people

Ah, the sweet sensation of the sun on your cheeks. I’m ready!

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