I told a story over at Naturally Knocked Up this week on how we live without a microwave. Super fun, go see for yourself.

We’re half past normal over here and totally loving it. Donielle is a passionate homemaker and very knowledgeable woman when it comes to researching and understanding what we put in our bodies and how it affects our fertility … but more than that, how it affects health and our children and our overall happiness. She’s not a doctor though, so *ahem* consult your own physician before putting anything into practice. Disclaimer, disclaimer and more disclaimer. You guys, just do your own research. Knowledge is power.

I’m also doing some fun stuff on the facebook page for jodimichelle. More giveaways coming soon. Etsy style. And since I have some men who are brave enough to be friended (YOU ALL ROCK) I’ll be doing a more “male” themed giveaway here soon. Delurk, lovelies.

The sun is shining in the second happiest place in the US so we’re obviously rocking it today.

I love living here.

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