Having a girly girl as a daughter has brought a few things to my attention. I’m not a girly girl, being the biggest one staring me in the face.

I don’t pay attention to fashion, not that I don’t like it or appreciate it … I just don’t really have the where-with-all to care that much. Are we clothed? Good, my job is done.

Do we match? On a good day.

I’m pretty sure that part of this problem for me is shoes. I’m not your typical girl who is addicted to shoes. Not that all girls are. But for some reason that whole “club” never caught my attention.

I have freakishly small feet. My prom shoes were bought from the little girls section and it was very hard to find something without a princess on the side of them. Also, a heel was not an option. Size 4 feet people. FOUR.

Then I had babies and my feet GREW. And inbetween my two babies they seemed to have grown for real, not just with pregnancy. I went from a size 4 to a size 8 while pregnant and back down to a 7 or 7.5 post baby.

Which has left me with an odd array of shoes from

Shoe situation

And none of them organized.

So I pulled them all out (Jessica and I share a shoe bin) and spelled it out on the floor.

Shoe situation

I have too many shoes that don’t fit me, are worn out and not worth wearing again and I definitely have too many sandals. Also, not one heel. None. I need help.

Shoe situation

The mary-jane Dansko’s are my pregnancy shoes … not only do they not fit me any more … they flop all over the place when I try to make them work. You see, these are my only black shoes. Problem.

The green-suede Reef sandals to the right of the black prego-shoes are nice enough, but I bought them on sale when I had an “outfit” for them to go with … said outfit is no longer in my possession … so … bye bye sandals that I do not need.

Shoe situation

These sandals are the ones I was referring to about being worn out. The black sandals are my FAVORITE. I wear these to death in the summer, which literally is what they are – dead. I’ve worn out the sole of these so thin that I feel the blacktop when I’m walking around. Boo-hoo.

The brown sandals to the right are my new go-to summer shoes, I’ll keep those around a while. The yellow strapy pair to the left were bought for me (thanks, mom!) when I was pregnant … again, the issue with the feet shrinking. They no longer fit – and I have another pair of strapy sandals that works better. So I don’t need to two, any more.

Shoe situation

The crocs you keep seeing pieces of – are going away. I bought them on sale too – and they were big for me then but I wanted the color so bad I ignored it. I can’t ignore it any longer. They were my gardening shoes, but I’ll find something else to fit the bill this year.

The brown tennis shoes … I’m keeping. These are my non-mom shoes I try to remember to wear while I run errands. Something other than my running shoes, which happen to be more of “every day” shoe for me.

Shoe situation

Which the boots happen to be for me in the winter. I wear them every where. I need a fashion intervention.

However, I have saved the best for last.

Shoe situation

These boots. I love these boots. And whenever I need to feel like I have it all together in the fashion department, I wear these suckers. I get complimented on these boots … something that never happens to me when shoes are involved. I just don’t have decorated feet.

I need a pair of heels and something black. When all is said and done this is what I’m left with, for all year wear, for shoes.

Shoe situation

Shoe situation

Who wants to intervene?

14 thoughts on “Fashionitis

  1. I’ll help!! : )

    1. Canvas pump (thicker heel = easier to walk in) – (it comes in black…but I LOVE the gray too)!

    2. – could be cute for summer under some jeans

    3. – dressier + bow (i heart bows and understand that you might not!)

    4. – super cute + buckle. you could throw these on for anything!

    5. – I have a Bandolino version in purple (you might remember) and LOVE them! These come in black too : )

    6. – These are super cute in silver but I’d have to see the black ones in person. Probably super comfy too : )

    Let me know if you want more options! I don’t want to overwhelm you šŸ™‚

  2. Well, I’m definitely NOT a girly girl, generally hate clothes shopping (unless it’s athletic wear), but LOVE me some shoes. At one point, before my feet grew from a nice 8 to an 8.5 (damn pregnancy feet), I had somewhere around 120 pairs. Not joking. So – now i’m down to a mere…hmmm… maybe 40? So, I can definitely re-direct my passion to assist you! =)

  3. ohhh honey. i can help!

    as you know, i work at a shoe store. we have about the same size feet.

    every season i get rid of shoes that i can no longer wear to work b/c they are out of date already. a few i keep b/c i love them, but most of them i get rid of. most of these shoes are hardly worn. hardly worn at all. some have only been worn on carpet.

    you may gladly go through these shoes before i toss them out. i wear a 7.5-8 i would imagine a lot of them may fit you.

    i’ll let you know when i am finished going through my piles!

  4. Ok…a little overboard with the bows. I just can’t resist sometimes!

    Onward and upward:

    8. (fun summer sandal, that you can dress up and down)



    11. how ’bout some cowboy boots!

    12. love these in tan:

    13. your other boots are really similar to these, but I couldn’t resist. me + tan boots = love.

    14. i think i’m off track but these are super fun:

    15. last but certainly not least:

    : )

  5. I love #14!! Not off track. Now I just need me some skinny jeans. HA (yeah right!).

    #7, 8, 1, 2 (adorable! but expensive! geesh) and 5 … adorable.

    @Tracy .. would LOVE to look through your shoes when you’re weeding them out šŸ™‚

  6. @shana 120? Really? Oh my goodness. I want to be 7 again and visit your closet to learn how to walk in heels. Also … what’s your lipstick collection look like?

    I’ll embarrass myself with makeup later this week. Minimalist … I come by that honestly.

    Oh – also … as I was trying to get my mother to do a video with me this weekend (Start bugging her, this has to happen, it will be priceless) I made a comment about how I don’t think people read the comments unless they’re commenting … that I didn’t really think people would click through to see what other people were saying (I don’t know, I’m not one of you … ) and she was all – I ALWAYS click through to see what people are saying. I love my mom. And I really love that she doesn’t mind that I reference her often. Right mom?

    Just got a pair of knee high, faux-suede gray boots that are very comfy, can be a little dressy or super casual, and they aren’t to wintery so they can be worn for basically 3 seasons of the year. And they’re under $45. And they’re flat, I can’t do the heels.
    Hope that helps, they are now my go-to shoe. They have many versions and colors.

  8. Thanks Amber! I’ll have to check them out … in the next few weeks I’ll try to buy a couple pairs of shoes and post them for all your approval.

    It’s like having a personal shopper who … well, suggests things to me šŸ™‚ I LOVE IT

  9. Um… yes, I DO want to intervene. Ha ha!!

    Here’s what you need:

    1. flats
    2. flat sandal (something with a strap up the middle of the foot)
    3. some cheap colorful flip flops
    4. ankle boots

    These are my suggestions for now. Go to if you need some suggestions.

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