How To: Stir Fry Swiss Chard

Are you looking for a recipe to use swiss chard? I’m not in love with swiss chard yet but I’m trying it.

I’ve been on quite the journey to be a more healthy person, inside and out, over the past 4 years. Lots and lots of credit goes to Jill Tanis and her understanding of food and our relationship to it.

One of the biggest take-aways I had was to eat MORE MORE MORE dark, leafy greens. So I did. I love kale and beet greens – we’ve tried endive, we eat tons of spinach, broccoli rabe (or rapini) and romaine, I’ve taken a gander with dandelion greens and I even juiced rainbow chard a few weeks ago. But eating swiss chard? No, no thank you. Have not had the bug in my pants to try this one until recently.

swiss chard

Here it is. You’ll need: EVOO, salt, pepper, swiss chard, and garlic.

Start by pouring some EVOO into a pan on the stove.
swiss chard

While your oil is heating up, chop up some garlic … and this I love to do. You get to get a little rough with the garlic. Knock it around a bit. Get a little frisky. Get angry, even.

Start with your cloves and a knife that would scare your grandmother.
swiss chard

Take one clove and set your large knife on top of it, like so…
swiss chard

Then SMASH it.
swiss chard

Success. You should be able to peel the skin off the garlic now and set it aside to chop after you’ve smacked around the other cloves of garlic.

When you’ve smashed and skinned all your cloves, chop them up. Be fearless.
swiss chard

Then toss them in the oil.
swiss chard

Add some salt (I forgot about the pepper)
swiss chard

(Missing photos)
Chop your swiss chard, I only used 5 or 6 leaves for this saute. They’re big leaves and being the first time trying it, I wanted to take it easy.

One you’ve removed the vein (stem) from the swiss chard (it’s bitter) chop up the swiss chard and toss it in with the garlic, salt and oil.
swiss chard

It doesn’t take long for it saute down.
swiss chard

Add to your dinner and try it … maybe you’ll enjoy it. Who knows!
swiss chard

We did not. It was a little too bitter for my liking and my very adventurous children spit it out. Can’t blame them. So I tried it again – only the next time I tried it … I added it to soup (substituted the spinach in the recipe for swiss chard and kale). Much better flavoring for me. I’ll keep taking swiss chard out on dates until I find the perfect fit. Why? Because it’s beneficial and worth the leg work to make it a part of our diets.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

3 thoughts on “How To: Stir Fry Swiss Chard

  1. hey, i missed this post so long ago… next time you garden-try growing a little. it won’t be bitter! 🙂

  2. oh yum! Yea, I’ve tried it since then but get the same results. I can’t wait to plant a garden this spring. Will be interesting without an actual garden 🙂

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