More things to love from One Pretty Thing:

Printable Labels: The organizer in me (she’s in there, somewhere!) wants to hoard these.

Printable Invitations: I see many-a-bridal or baby showers printed on these. An Easter dinner? Valentines party? Some DIY Valentines note cards? Possibilities!

Printable Mini File Folders: These tickle my fancy as well. What would I use them for? Who cares? They’re miniature … they’re obviously useful.

Printable Lunch Box Notecards: Can’t wait to use these with Jessica and Oliver.

Vintage Metal Tray becomes Frame: It’s like adding an art piece to your wall that’s functional. WIN!

Suit Clutch: Some day when I’m an awesome sewer … I will make this.

Soda Pop Escort Cards: Originally for a wedding reception (idea) but what a great idea for a summer birthday, beach party or end of the year bon fire.

Pleated Ruffle, girls shirt: I would like all of Jessica’s necklines to be so feminine. Adorable.

DIY Paper Flowers: Going to try to make these with the kids today – Crafts!

Last but not least:
Wacky Tea Party: I am so doing this. Possibly for the newly engaged sister of mine. Or just because it’s awesome and we all have the right to kick some vintage ruffled ass once in a while.

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