A papa

22 months ago, exactly, you held him in your arms for the very first time.

3 generations

Your hands have held me, and kept my daughter safe.

My dad reading to Jessica

Sunday dinner

Countless joyful afternoons were spent swinging on your arms, feeling the breeze whisper on my face as you flung me back and forth – always careful, always strong.

Today, he felt it too.

safe in your arms

One thought on “A papa

  1. Just a note on ages of kids for those interested – in the photo of my dad swinging our daughter – she was 14 months old, in the photo of my dad swinging our son, he is 22 months old. 8 months of difference in the ages – but SO SO different in terms of size – our daughter is this little petite thing and our son is a line backer.

    Love them.

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