Bedroom reduex

This is my daughters bedroom about a year and half ago …

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2

Since then we’ve taken her carpet up, she now has hardwood floors, changed her window coverings (and installed new windows) and added a locker to her room. A stand alone, vintage locker – painted white. If it were day time I’d take a photo to show you – for now, just imagine it.

This weekend we’ll be repainting her walls – and the wonderful wall decal of the dandelion is no more so maybe we’ll do a new one with the new paint. (It was a one time use deal)

Now. Please tell me what to do.

She wants her walls in the purple family, which is just fine by me – but it has to be muted. Think an elephant grey with a purple undertone. I want to do her room so she can grow into it for the next 10 years and not feel like she’s living in a barbie playworld. Also? I hate Barbie playworlds.

We need a rug, I’ll be repainting an old brass headboard for a new bed (so her brother can have hers, RIP crib) and I was thinking this:

Here’s one pallet I like:

Picture 2

Here’s another – I like the Ash Violet.

Picture 3

I like this turquoise for the bed frame (Gem Turquoise), or something similar …

Picture 4

However, Aaron, the husband, would prefer to paint the new headboard something along the lines of a very dark purple, almost black

Picture 5

Only a little darker.

I like my idea better – with a punch of color like that in the room, but maybe that’s not making it “grow up” at all. So help please.

Feel free to link to things you think I should know, look at, buy. I buy paint tomorrow, so it’s down to the wire!

4 thoughts on “Bedroom reduex

  1. I know my links to the colors all lead to the same place, sorry! I was trying to lead you to the actual swatch page, but it didn’t work.

  2. I like the middle 2 colors on the first set of paint chips. The vintage is calling my name. But I’m not a fan of torquoise – so I can’t help you there. What about a shade of gray?

    Oooo – wait. Try checking out a color coordinator online. A different shade of torquoise comes up along with a nice shade of yellow.
    (I don’t think the colors stuck though so you’ll have to play around!)

  3. I personally love the turquoise! Donielle is right, yellow and turquoise go together quite well too – plus the muted purple on the wall. I think it would be very cool to do some yellow picture frames or maybe yellow in the window coverings? Ya know, something subtle, but catches your eye.

    Have fun! I’m excited to see the after pictures!

  4. Ok! I’m going for it! I’m going to do the Ash Violet for the walls, because once it’s on there – it’ll look a bit darker … like the other swatches. And I think, for the name, I’m going with the Mermaid Treasure for the bed (Jessica LOVES mermaids)

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