Diamonds uncut

I went THRIFTING today. I love thrifting. Especially after months and months of staring at Inspirational clip outs I’ve hung on the wall to motivate my inner decorator.

I got some amazing deals.

Jessica's bedroom, redone.

This mirror was marked $5 but I wasn’t willing to pay that, even though I REALLY wanted to get this mirror (5 year old calls is a Meer-Air) for my daughters bedroom, as we’re redoing the decor and taking it from nursery to big girl this weekend.

So I offered $3, they said $4 and I said, I’ve got three. Then I paid and walked out a happy girl.

When I got home, I did this to it.

Jessica's bedroom, redone.

Jessica's bedroom, redone.

Then we went to another thrift store and there happened to be a bookshelf in the corner that caught my eye. It was for sale however I couldn’t buy it because they were using it for display. You can imagine my confusion. And then I said that outloud. No, really, I want to buy this bookshelf today. I’m willing to give you cash for it. How much is it?

Then she said, $20 … probably $14.99. And I pressed harder. NO, Really, I want this book shelf.

This is why:


She finally said I could buy it (for $20) and let me take it home, when I got it there I did this:

Thrifting Finds

Better photos coming in the daylight. I was too excited about these not to show you tonight.

Some other great finds I had I took home were this awesome little cast iron skillet. I love cast iron, so much. But I only have one skillet that I use Every. Single. Morning and some times 2 or 3 times a day. This one is smaller but I think I’m going to like that for when the kids just want some sausage for a snack or I need a quick pick me up fried egg at 3 pm. (Only paid a quarter, even better!)

Thrifting Finds

These “bar glasses” were a set of 10 for $6, I only needed six so I split the set with my mom.

Thrifting Finds

And this SAHWEET stock pot (think LOBSTERS!) was marked five bucks, I paid two.

Thrifting Finds

This light fixture is going in my daughters bedroom after I paint it and find matching globes for the lightbulbs. (Etsy here I come!) Now, I could paint this the same color as the mirror, or go with a an ivory … or even dark purple. I don’t want to go crazy with the color in her bedroom, as we’re trying to stay away from the childish theme … but shout out some good accents. Maybe this is where I incorporate yellow?

Thrifting Finds

At the same store that I bought the light fixture we found some fun stuff but didn’t purchase, here’s a looksee.

Thrifting Finds

These light bulbs were $2 a piece and I almost bought three of them to make a light fixture over our dining room table (when the kitchen remodel is done … and it hasn’t started yet, and won’t this year … so I was thinking way ahead) but then I talked to one of the men working there and apparently they burn more than 300 watts a piece … so, bad for the environment in a little dining room. I put them down, but they’re SO cool.

Thrifting Finds

This filing cabinet is only $50 – I can see this in a crafting room. A room that I do not have. But if you do, you should totally make use of this!

Thrifting Finds

Molly, my sister, found a potential new front door. I love it! I’m a sucker for mission type furniture – and those windows? In love.

Now, to round out the fabulous day here’s my inspiration for my daughters bedroom … and photos of the transformation are coming soon … but here’s a sneak peak:


Jessica's bedroom, redone.

What have been some of your favorite thrift store finds? What about the best steal of a deal?

11 thoughts on “Diamonds uncut

  1. Makes me want to thrift time i am coming with:) And yes add yellow with the light, it will be so cute.

  2. Yay!!!!!! SO much fun! I want to get that door…I’ll have to talk to the dad to see if it’ll work!!! We did good today šŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to come have a drink from your new speak easy haha.

  3. Love it all!! As far as the chandelier – I think it’d be cute if it matched the princess mirror! Too many bright colors might be too age specific. But, I’m sure whatever you choose will look great!

    Oh…and YHL has a great tutorial for fabric headboards – I was just reading it the other day. Let me know if you want me to find it for you : )

    Can’t wait for our Good Friday thrifting date!

  4. SO FUN!

    Candace – I’m going again on the 20th … you’re welcome to join!

    I made the fabric headboard already šŸ˜‰ But link it up! I’d love to see how they did theirs … and the photos I took for my how to … half of them self-deleted … which was awesome, not. So I’m missing part of my How To anyway.

    I thought that too about the colors … I might end up having the change her drapes, but Ikea can fix that pretty easily.

  5. GAH! Maybe I will do yellow! I think I need to pick out “the colors” of her room and go from there. I need daylight for that though. Oh, so much fun.

  6. oh. my. goodness.
    I don’t know if I should be excited or miffed.
    To think I have to wait until the 21st for this?!?!?

  7. Jolon, get excited! So many good finds to be had, and we only went to 7 stores … out of the like 19 we have in Holland. Thrift’s won’t be open on the 21st (Sunday’s – most are Bibles for Mexico’s and the like) though, didn’t think about that šŸ™ But the antique stores will!

  8. After some great advice from some non color blind folks (I am, a little, don’t tell Aaron I’m admitting this) I’m sticking with the teal for the mirror and painting the light fixture to match. Jolon said it was crazy and edgy and the yellow was safe – there’s nothing safe about my daughter – so edgy it is!

    Transformation continues!

  9. Totally and super excited!

    Love that you went with crazy/edgy!! I need to walk my own talk.. hoping to find some cool pieces to crazy-up šŸ™‚

    I like watching this transformation….

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