Life List: Double digits

I have given myself til the end of this month to actually write this post so here goes.

Life List item Ten is to Lose 30 pounds. The deadline to write about this was not the deadline to lose any weight … the weight is gone, has been for a while I just do not want to write about this.

This is me Oct 10, 2009

BEFORE the jump

This is me March 14, 2010

Photo 25

So the weight is gone and I’m still dealing with blood sugar woes, although it’s manageable with a strict diet. Losing the weight was something I wanted to do for me – I want to feel good. But saying all of this makes it sound like I wasn’t happy before and I so totally was. Everyone has body issues.

Bla bla bla.


Now – in a few months I’ll be jumping off the pier in my wedding gown, right after having a massive food fight. This I will write about. Who wants to have this food fight with me? I kind of have a fantasy where we’re throwing spaghetti and meat balls at each other. Is there a restaurant out there that wants to sponsor this one? Any one? It’ll be fun.

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