Flowers for a guy

Ok, So.

I’ve been holding this in all week because protecting my young is kind of a fierce battle inside of me. I am more aware of my surroundings when the Male is absent because of over night travel. Which is why I haven’t written about him being gone until today, because he is now home. And if you try to come to my doorstep, I’ll be there – you bet, but so will he and that’s just safer.

He left on a jet-plane on the international day of awesome and my daughter and I were definitely partaking in the Awesome of the day but couldn’t tell you about it until now.

When I was younger my family traveled A Lot. My dad was, still is, a commercial pilot so we went places – always on stand by … and always with the whole fam. All six of us. I can’t imagine maneuvering airports with 4 children. If I had to, I would do it, I know I could, but electively? OH HELL NO.

Point is, since we were traveling stand by and my mom was smart, she knew she’d need something to keep all of us busy so we weren’t bothering her with “I’m hungry!” or “I’m bored” all day, sometimes all night. So she put her genius on and made each of us our own bag for traveling. It was usually a brown lunch sack filled with home made treats, some candy and something we could do (those puzzles you push around with your thumbs? Oh yea.). She continues to do this for grandchildren who travel and she’s done it for us as grown children on occasion.

I now do this for my family when we travel. And my daughter and I did something a little different for Aaron for this trip.

Day of Awesome

We wrote him letters for while he was away.

Day of Awesome

Most of them were from our daughter – she wrote things like “I miss you!”, “Have a good day!”, “Have fun!”, “Come home now” and “We’re praying for you” all in her own handwriting – and then I would write a little something underneath her message – something to let him know we were thinking about him while he was away, that we were proud of him and all his hard work. That we loved and respected him and couldn’t wait to see him again.

You know. Flowers for a guy.

Day of Awesome

But there was one that was just from me. I bought it from this etsy shop about 2 years ago thinking I was going to give it to him some other time. Well, any way, I’m trying not to give details so let’s just say this was the right time.

So, our day of awesome stretched into a week of love for Aaron. And we do love him so much.

He’s kind of our favorite.

4 thoughts on “Flowers for a guy

  1. I love this. So important to keep doing things like this for each other years into the marriage…and special your daughter got to help make it special too.

  2. This is so awesome, Jodi! I look up to you so much and i love your creativity in being a mom and wife!

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