beyond myself, finally.

Life is full right now. Full of wonder and so full of possibility. I mean, it always is, I guess I just recognize it fully right now.

I’m a stay at home but I’ve never worked harder in my life. Two kids at very different ages and schedules, planning a conference is a full time job, writing for this website is a hobby I can’t breathe without and living my life in such a manner to lead us forward. Upward. To keep going, no matter what. To seize it, taste it, carry it and savor it. To cherish everything … it’s the love of my life.

Spring walk!

Being busy like this is like salve to a wounded part of me. A part of me that I was so willing to let die in the name of The Motherhood Sacrifice … something I didn’t recognize I didn’t need to bow down too, but something … nonetheless … that I did. Being awake to see the beauty around me is more than a gift to me … it’s a gift to her.

Photo by TiltShift Generator

It’s a gift to him.

Climbing trees

It’s my gift to them.

Look who we have again!

And, God, How blessed I am to be aware that it’s a gift I have to give.

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