All Grown Up: Part 1

Last time I left you with my daughters bedroom redo/update it looked like this:

Bedroom 2

And now, half way through the process of growing her room all up, it looks like this:

Jessica's bedroom

Jessica's bedroom

With this on her wall – nearest her bed.

How To

I know the walls are bare otherwise. I have plans for them, but after Aaron got home from SXSW I needed a break from running around like a madwoman.

I’m refinishing 2 dressers (one for her room, one for her brothers) like this and when those are complete I’ll reveal the other views of her bedroom thus far.

There’s been lots of talk of a decal on the facebook page and YES! there will be a decal, above the dresser – but above the bed, I’ll be doing espresso cork board in a funky frame and changing the art as she grows.

Where did I see those squares of dark cork board? I saw them, I know I did. But google isn’t helping me remember where.

The headboard was SOOOOO easy.

Jessica's bedroom

I did, at one time, have photos of the process, but then my camera ate them. So. No photos. BUT! I found the frame to use for the project in our attic – so … free! I borrowed a staple gun from friends (Thanks Dave and Tracy!) and bought the batting and fabric needed to make the headboard.

Jessica's bedroom, redone.

Pretty much you just lay out the batting, staple on, then lay out the fabric and staple it on the frame as well. Make sure you tug on the fabric so it’s taught.

Jessica's bedroom

Jessica's bedroom

And there you have it! Easy peasy fabric head board.

Jessica's bedroom

Here’s the inspiration for her room, once again:


And our version of that is:

Jessica's bedroom

How are we doing?

6 thoughts on “All Grown Up: Part 1

  1. Hello again šŸ™‚ The room looks really great! I like the teal with the wall color and the headboard looks awesome with the dragonfly duvet! Although I have to admit that the decal that used to be over her bed was pretty fun and whimsical too. She is a lucky little girl!

  2. Thank you guys!

    @Michelle – I know, I loved that decal – but you can’t reuse them, once you stick them you can’t take them off and do it over. We’re going to be adding a decal over her dresser on a different wall and I could do the dandelion again, I might. But I have a couple other ideas – as does she – about what she’d like on her wall šŸ™‚

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