Linky-doo-dah: things to love

Indoor Terrarium, why yes please. I would love to have pet plants.

Faux Flower Box – it’s hard to get away with fake flowers that don’t look corny, I mean, really? We all know this, right? But these win! They don’t look corny!

Easter Egg madness, more and more of this. I love Easter.

Cupcake wrappers free printable!

Cupcake toppers free printable!

How to sew an ottoman slipcover. Now, this I need to do. We have an old ottoman that does it’s job just fine, but looks terrible doing it. Now to pick out fabric.

Felt book another how to, this one looks adorable and completely entertaining for my little dinosaur at heart.

Easter Egg Loves which make me think of “Where the Wild Things Are” for some reason … their hats?

So you could make your own Marshmallows and then wrap them in these fun, and free, bags!

Oreo awesome Easter goodies.

Dinosaur hat there are so many reasons why this is neat. Mostly because my life has been Princesses! and Crowns! for a while now and having a male toddler has changed all of that to Trucks! and Dirt! and Noise! so this fits perfectly.

Reusable, recycled bag I don’t know how to explain this one, but I want to try it. It’s so simple and fun. And creative.

Moss wreathe I love making wreathes, it turns out.

Window coverings Oh my word, these are awesome.

Homemade Taffy this needs to be on my life list because I have ALWAYS wanted to make this. It just looks so fun, pulling that taffy. So, ok then, I will.

Easter goodies I plan to make these for our Easter Dinner. Oh, I can’t wait.

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