Loving the weekends

Weekend’s are mostly like a black hole in this house – we get so excited to be together for 48 hours that we end up forgetting about making plans or doing anything worthwhile, so some times we end up staring at each other for 48 hours having the same conversation over and over.

“What should we do today?”

“IDK, what do you want to do?”

It costs us money to be so brilliant at our calendar keeping skills. We end up getting in the car to go on adventures because we’re sick of looking at our yellow living room and dirty windows. Then we eat out too many times and forget diapers.

Sheesh. Who let us be adults?

So I had this REALLY GOOD idea to copy Aaron’s list of fun things to do, he made this with our daughter last weekend as we were in the middle of another round of “Huh’s?” while staring at each other, and then I put things on the calendar.

Like. Officially.

This past weekend we made our way to Grand Rapids to see the Big Big Bugs exhibit at the Public Museum. Followed by a luncheon, planned, to eat out in the city – then naps and a party with friends that night, kids included.


What a wonderful Saturday. Sure, it still cost us money – but we planned for it.

(I had my camera so photos are coming – but it was just such a nice change of pace.)

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