Spring felt birds I cannot get enough of these garlands. I love them all.

Make your own laundry detergent Also? Adorable storage. This is a no brainer, you can totally do this.

Infinity Scarf I love this fabric. Also? I need a sewing class.

Birthday banner this one you can store for year after year use. Which I love.

Felt To-Go village for all those awful parents out there who, gasp!, make their children sit still and have patience. Your life just got easier.

Ombre scarf I love scarves. So much. But Martha? Can you please pay more attention to the photos, as in, we need more than one.

Easter cupcake holders Stop it right now, I’m doing this.

Bunny finger puppets Stop it again, also doing this. LOVE this.

Make a whale again with the needing a sewing class.

Make a paper hat I now have something to do for that next Tea Party I’m invited to.

Paper airplane mobile Yes.

I am in love with moss a centerpiece … or maybe a terrarium without really anything to do with dirt and water. Oh right, easier.

Grow Easter Grass Probably should have started this sooner, but I love the idea. The look.

Play kitchen from a bookshelf this is genius. Pure genius.

Paper daffodils Oh I love paper.

Frame shelves for books My weekend just got interesting.

Envelope Bunnies keep those kids busy!

Old world adorable Also, vintage AND retro – that one’s for you, Molly.

5 thoughts on “Linky-doo-dah

  1. Jodi, you now have a moral obligation to help me find time to make some of these items b/c now that I have seen them…know they are out there…I MUST have them!

  2. jodi–have you tried the laundry soup? do you have a front loader? curious how it works with those…

    thanks for the links!

  3. @Carolynn – you got it! Let’s do them together šŸ™‚

    @Kris – I’ve made the liquid version of the homemade soap found here (a bit down the page) but I don’t have a front loader. Hmm. I’m not sure. I’m going to try this recipe for the dry soap as well and see what I like best … I know I “get more for my money” buy making the liquid because I can get more loads out of the soap – but who knows. I’ll give it a whirl. Sorry I can’t answer your question better šŸ™

  4. I have made the powdered soap (minus the baking soda) and use just 1 Tbs per load in my front loader. It works great! My husband gets VERY dirty at work and haven’t had any issues getting his stuff clean.

    I do find that the Fels Naptha soap is easier to grate if it is a bit drier – so I usually buy a bar and let it sit for a week or two before I try to grate it.

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