Our daughter is getting an allowence these days for doing things like making sure her room is clean, bed is made, she folds her laundry and helps with the towels. She clears the table and empties the dishwasher.

So pretty much child labor.

Either way – she’s extremely happy with helping out and thinks it’s the biggest deal in the entire world to get money every Saturday morning. Then we chart it together, Tithe, Save and Save to Spend.

It was buring a hole in her pocket so I told her we could take one dollar and go downtown to the candy store. Then I gave my son a quarter and called it equal.

Candy Store

She loves candy. LOVES candy. What kid, who knows what it is, doesn’t? This was a major deal.

It worked out nicely that she got 4 pieces of candy with her one dollar and my son got 2 pieces with his quarter.

Candy Store

Candy Store

Because the new argument in this house is how fair everything is. It’s definitely NOT fair that her brother gets a snack even though she just had one and ate it faster. His is lasting longer, that’s not FAIR!

Oh, these are the days, aren’t they? I love almost every minute of it.

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