Make a vintage bracelet corsage and then flaunt it, because it’s beautiful.

Printable, customizable Martha Magic Drink sign template.

Adorable birds nest from recycled paper bags, easy for kids!! Yay! So, I may be one of those people who always asks for Paper bags because I’m trying to do my part to save the World, whatever, but then I get home and put them all into a cubby and they sit there. Now I have, literally, about 50 paper bags and I never ever remember to bring them or the reusable collection of bags I have to the store with me. Go figure. Saving the planet and all really just equals clutter in my life. So! What a great way to actually make use of those bags! Of course, there are all kinds of things I could be doing with them – but that will come in time.

Turn a plastic bottle into a bubble maker Please do this, because we all need more bubbles in our life. My son is in love with all things bubble so this will, I’m sure, knock his socks off.

The most amazing quilt, ever when I learn how to quilt and have the time and space to do so, I would love to tackle this pattern. It actually takes my breath away.

Butter mints!! and I can make these GF so, awesome.

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  1. you do not have to, of course!! Do whatever works best for you, but with the new link I’m able to keep track of stats in a different way. Right now though, it does the summary feed and I’m not happy with it – so maybe once the kinks are gone I’ll repost the link and ask for updates … just trying to figure it out.

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