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Make beautiful Thank You cards and put a stamp on it. Getting non-bill mail is some times better than flowers. But flowers are amazing, too.

So make some of them and send them on. Or decorate with them. Gifts for teachers, child care providers, your favorite retail therapy customer service friend.

Burlap Topiaries Oh my word. Yes. Yes, please.

Bloom for you free printable tags for seed packets. Next Valentines I would love to remember these and go for it. Maybe May Day packets? I love this idea.

Velcro Bow tie More reasons why I need to take a sewing class.

Conversation Starters – I Spy I will print these, but for my kids and public fun. So genius. Some one, please make more of these for other scenarios … play grounds? Hikes? Restaurants? Car rides? Please. Please?

Conversation Starters – I knew you when Why yes, I will print you as well and hang you proudly on my wall next to my Speak Easy, home made Bar Cabinet. And I will pet you and fondle your ink, because you are pretty.

Make your own gift box Go crazy!

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