Creating a clearing

Last year I took the Mondo Beyondo course. I got a lot out of it, but I also let most of it just sit there. I read through my lessons and participated in the workshops and exercises but didn’t go much further. I needed the information at the time, not the action.

Now it’s time for action on some of that information and this summer I’m creating a clearing. Very intentionally actually, as we pair down our belongings to what we NEED and not what we have room for. I’ve been burdened by stuff for so long and with kids running afoot, the things I do have need to hold up to rigorous games of chase and markers. I’m not interested in owning something to own it. A simpler life, a life that leads to a more whole family, a better environment and a more whole me.

I feel this is more of a calling on my self and spirit than it is on my calling into the world that I need these things to feel better. Feelings and me, we jive and dance, some times too much. Less is always more and it’s time for that to take effect in other areas, as it already has in some.

I’m excited for whatever the next season brings – not only in our lives, but in our open hearts as well.

10 thoughts on “Creating a clearing

  1. Cleansing the house helps assists in cleansing the soul. Every year we go through our “stuff” and do two things – garage sale and donations. Feels so good to empty things (and when donating – knowing my unused, unloved stuff may go to a better home)…

  2. My mom always tried to teach us that having less stuff would make our lives bigger. It was hard as a kid and I still find myself struggling with it but I believe it wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, I find myself struggling with it a lot. Don’t tell Paul I told you but he’s a bit of a pack rat which makes for a difficult situation.

    Anyways, purging gives you room to appreciate what is important in your live and what isn’t. Have you seen Up In the Air? He (George) uses this analogy about having too much stuff and how it weighs you down, and he takes it way to far in the movie, but it’s absolutely true. The reason people don’t do things a lot of the time is because they are weighted down by their stuff. So cleanse away and feel some relief. That may be a goal sometime soon in this house (maybe when the boy is traveling).

  3. Um and that would be “what is important in your lives” not “live”. I promise I’m not completely illiterate. šŸ™‚

  4. I would just like to point out that Christa really is illiterate….”living a simple live”. Just kidding Christa! Love you and miss you…are you coming around soon?

    Also- to Jodi: Great post. Love these ideas. Looks like a really neat course, plus the name if it rocks. šŸ™‚

  5. Nicky … “plus the name if it really rocks” who’s illiterate now?


    Thanks friends. I love all your words.

    Christa, my commenting rock star šŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to check out the recommended blog read! Thank you!!

  6. OK, it was apparently a bad day for Christa/Nicky to be commenting on anyone’s blog posts. Please excuse all of my awful grammar.

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