It takes a website

The popular phrase is that “It takes a village to raise a child” when really, in my life, it takes a website to kick my ass.

In a great way.

My life is very full of happy laughter and nonsense. A lot of nonsense. And tons of interruptions.

Which isn’t an excuse but is most definitely a reason for things like my undeniable case of fashionitis. When I put that post up I thought, oh crap. They’re going to laugh, they’re going to tell me to shut it. Instead you all rallied around me and gave me ideas.

Today I bought some:


A few days ago I was informed by the hubs that we had an opportunity to go to a fundraiser. Tickets for this thing were way beyond our price range. Unaffordable, but someone paid for our tickets and would I like to go? Can we find a sitter? Do I have A THING to wear?

I recently lost some weight so the very simple answer to that is, no. I do not have anything to wear. The difficult part of this is, I have no idea WHAT to wear.

Cocktail dress. Ok, I think I can handle that. I’ve witnessed them before, I’ve seen them out and about. People walking among me have been in such clothes. I can identify the object in which I think I need.

Step one.

Big step.

I spent some time searching Rent the Runway hoping I could rent a dress for cheaper than it would cost me to buy the entire ensemble. I found the one I wanted but of course it wasn’t available the dates I needed it.

Back to the drawing board. I searched a few places online but didn’t find anything I was willing to have shipped to me only to find that it didn’t fit or I hated it.

Away I went. TJMaxx to the rescue. I brought you with me, if you’re a Twitter tweep and following me. I tried on some dresses:


Husband HATED this one. It wasn’t really what I was going for either, but it’s Spring and I thought I should at least try something colorful.


Then there’s this longer dress, very flowy. Felt more like a night down with a really pretty neckline. Not sure I’m all about the flowy for a cocktail party. A political one.

Then there was this:


And I bought it. I love the sleeves – which you can’t really see here, but they’re capped? Is that right? Am I all of a sudden using fashion lingo like I know what I’m talking about?

The neckline is good – I like that it’s not too short and also not too long. I have issues with my calves and dresses and looking like tree stump legs, I’m short, ok. Do not cross examine that one, it just is. So this fit the bill and I was happy with it.

I’ll tag this along as my safety blanket, something to keep my hands busy in such a new environment.


I’ll post photos later of everything put to use, with accessories. Oh, Fancy Nancy would be SO proud.

10 thoughts on “It takes a website

  1. I really love the gray dress too…for a fun, flowy, summery dress with some casual flip flops! I think you need to go back and get it!

  2. ah yes, you are not the first to say that. I think … I have no idea. I liked it too but I have no where to wear it right now. Maybe you need to have a shower SOON so I can dress up again šŸ™‚

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