Things to Love, Things to Do

Ruffled Skirt Tutorial I would like to make this for Jessica. I am going to need to get serious about those sewing classes.

Some times Martha just knows Planter molds for outside. Lovely.

Paper Pinwheel the best memories of the first spring days for me as a little girl involve pin wheels and bubble gum. Go make a little kid happy.

DIY! Floating shelves Seeing as how I have this on my Want-List from Ikea, I think I just gave myself permission to use my new carpentry skills all over my walls.

Refresh old linens or make new, on sale finds FABULOUS. This is amazing. I love the look, texture.

Free downloadable needle point pattern I think that’s right, needle point? The embroidery stuff? Either way, I love it. I want to make my own patterns for the houses we’ve lived in and them make pillows with their silhouette on them. Superb couches, thankyouverymuch.

Oh! And how about that. The internet rocks.

DIY Donut hole bags the printable stuff alone that I find is living in a folder on my desktop just TOYING with me. I think I need a co-op space where I can just try everything. Where’s the business plan for this?

Matchbook favors, printable Again with the paper and the hoarding and the OH MY WORD I WANT THEM.

Tea favor boxes? Yes, please. I’ll take these with my tea party in the garden. And gardenias.

Spring rings simply gorgeous.

Dahlia paper have stock in ink somewhere? You’re welcome.

Shopping list in reverse you tell yourself what you have on hand and then you arm yourself with sales or the farmers market and create as you go. Grocery shopping just got fun for me.

Printable labels I’m already using these. Ok, lie. I’m GOING to use them, tomorrow. I printed them and am planning on using them to designate prices on treats in our church cafe. Sales just went up. šŸ˜‰

Learning your ABCs with a daughter who is always asking for paper and a pen and then subsequently asking how to spell every word that comes out of anyone’s mouth – this should keep her busy for atleast 30 seconds.

Your’s truly YOU GUYS! I made it to One Pretty Thing and am ALL kinds of geeked about it.


2 thoughts on “Things to Love, Things to Do

  1. Ah, I want to make MYSELF the layered skirt. She was an adult, wearing it, right? SO much fabric laying around this house, it’s inevitable.

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