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Not long ago I mentioned that I was creating a clearing and pairing down our belongings then I confessed that it really meant we were selling our house and I was dreaming again.

Twitter, Schaapy

Original tweet.

Someone called and went through our house pretty quickly after listing, the sign wasn’t even in our yard – the lock box not yet containing our keys, our home. So before they came through our Realtor came out and helped me move an old dresser to the garage while I was doing the last minute clean up so we could show the house to the prospective buyer.

A weekend passed and I had this feeling. I knew what was coming, I was excited. I couldn’t wait to hear how the showing went – and we got an offer.

I could feel that outcome. I was ready for it and shocked and OH MY WORD that was amazing. We countered the offer and right now that possible buyer is going through our home one more time with their parents, just to be sure. But after them? Someone else, a new possible buyer, is also going through our house and I’m so hopeful.

Hopeful that something will come out of today, another signature. A sale. A possibility to move on.

So the big question is then, where are we going to? Have we found another house to buy?

No, and we don’t want to buy another house right now. We’ll most likely end up renting for the summer and traveling while one of our companies takes off, gets a good footing, becomes secure.

Again, it is entirely possible that we’ll stay where we are. If the offer still stands on our home, there still needs to be appraisals and inspections. It’s a long way from done until the last paper is signed. But we’re so excited for the possibility. For any possibility.

I can see bright spots in the next 12 months and I can see some dark ones. We’ve been through all the emotions of “are we doing the right thing?” to “oh man, I hope we sell” to “whatever happens, happens.” We’re extremely content to know that we’re not being forced to move or sell. We want to.

And so it begins. Vagabonds, nomadic’s. Dreamers and hopefuls.

Life is so beautiful.

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  1. This is exciting!! I LOVE to move! The day we closed on our curren home, I was already looking for the next! Can’t wait to hear the outcome!! šŸ™‚

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